Space & Satellite Expertise

Our team is comprised of senior level executives, most with over thirty years of experience who are experts in their respective fields. The qualifications of our team include extensive knowledge of both the micro (deep) and macro (broad) view of the space and satellite ecosystems.

Strategic Marketing Solutions

Experts in all aspects of marketing from branding to social media to increased publicity and visibility.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We bring extensive knowledge and experience in the space and satellite industries to your solutions.

On Target Consulting

We listen and address your needs, realizing that your solutions need to be customized just for you.


Strategy Consulting

Marketing Consulting

  • Research and development
  • Testing and government contracts
  • Positioning geospatial companies for acquisition
  • Creating public-private partnerships
  • Patents
  • Strategizing commercial marketing and positioning
  • Creating and executing integrated marketing
  • Selling products and services
  • Market intelligence and knowledge of competitive companies

Clients Include:

  • Companies that have government contracts and need to prepare for the commercial market
  • Companies that are seeking to partner internationally, either with governments or other commercial entities
  • Companies that are seeking to establish public-private partnerships
  • Companies that need help with any or all aspects of marketing, planning or execution

Our Roots:

Apogeo Spatial Magazine

Publisher’s Letter

The Team

Myrna James Yoo


Jennifer Dulles

Public Relations, Crisis Management Communications

Matteo Luccio

Technology Writer & Research Analyst

Jurgen Mantzke

UI/UX & Web Designer

Paul Rodriguez

Graphic Design & Social Media

Mark Sarojak

Geospatial Technical Engineer

Paul E. Smith

Geospatial Strategy, Startups & Acquisitions

Lu Stasko

Public Relations & Patents

Ray Williamson

Policy & Remote Sensing

Debra Zimmer

Marketing & Social Media

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